Beastie BV is a Belgian company behind the Beastie Burgers concept, a young, rapidly growing quality-burger business aiming to expand to new A locations in Belgium. The turnovers of the two currently operational branches in cities of Antwerp and Mechelen individually exceed €500,000 annually.

Beastie Burgers offers you:

Beastie Burgers is a well thought-out food retail concept, with strong visual identity and developed brand awareness.

Beastie Burgers continuously draws upon the knowledge of external experts, who closely monitor and guide the concept’s progression. This forward-thinking translates into a strong brand, rooted in experience, daring trend-setting and vision.

All of the above contribute to the brands’ steady growth, as exemplified through time-tested turnover data and benchmarking.

One of the cornerstone’s of Beastie Burgers’ operational success is based on the great emphasis put into each franchisee’s training, including development of management, administration and legislation faculties.

Beastie Burgers remains an active partner within the franchise in terms of business support and marketing. The umbrella body continues to sustain the promotion, growth and identity of the Beastie Burgers brand.

As a franchisee, you will receive our full support and guidance throughout the start-up of your branch. Moreover, we will continue to actively follow up on you until your daily routine has truly set in and your administration is on point. Beastie BV also remains available to the individual franchisee for any challenges (s)he might encounter further along the line.

  • Beastie Burgers is an established value with a high level of brand awareness that stands for quality.
  • We keep a close eye on national and international suppliers to ascertain the best prices of raw goods.
  • Quality is central to Beastie Burgers concept: we only use the high-quality products.
  • Powerful online experience with a visually striking, easy-to-use, appealing web page and strong social media presence ascertains continous promotion and optimal customer reach.
  • Beastie Burgers also achieves very strong results as a reliable and dependable delivery and takeaway service.
  • Our support includes a dedicated marketing budget, for both the individual branch and for the Beastie Burgers brand.


75,000 €

Own Capital

7 + 7 Years

Contract Duration

6% + 4%

Own Capital Franchise and Marketing Contribution

200-230k €

Investment excluding VAT


In recent years, Beastie Burgers has often been awarded for its online activity.
Working with online ordering platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats & Take Away is a real success. Both the Antwerp and Mechelen branches have received a Deliveroo Riders Awards for popularity among customers and riders.
Our online business has grown tremendously and this positive trend we would like to continue as well with the new franchisees on board.
The development and optimization of all our collaborations are therefore essential to our success.


By becoming a Beastie Burgers franchisee, you will enjoy the know-how of Belgium’s most creative burger restaurant, in which steady business growth is ascertained through constant pushing boundries towards new heights. To this end, we regularly launch new products, invest time in developing new sauces, broaden variety of buns, meat/veggie/vegan patties and are on a constant look out for new trendy finger foods. With this forward-thinking approach we make sure the customers are always engaged and never bored of Beastie Burgers. Above all this, however, is the quality of our products, which is always our number one priority.


Beastie Burgers always provides its own communication. Our expert marketing team makes sure the communication continues to appeal to our customers and remains consistent. Beastie Burgers is a brand with a strong visual identity, the one customers immediately remember and easily recognize. They identify with our concept and products, to which they are magnetically drawn to. Our marketing punch line that our burgers are addictive is a true reflection of the markets feedback.