Our Story

Beastie Burgers

Why Beastie Burgers are the best kept secret of Belgium?
Well, to begin with, we base our success on a great passion for quality food and cosy interiors that speak to our customers.
Our burgers are made of top quality, fresh ingredients and are flavoured with specially designed home-made sauces, rooted in long-lasting cooking expertise and perfected through years of experimentation. Because, our sauces are extremelly addictive, we had to go undercover and develop special kitchen, set in a van (just like the one in the Breaking Bad series) to maximaly conceal our secret recepies from the general public.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of meat varieties from around the globe, including 100% Irish beef patties, chicken, fish and lamb burgers, as well as amazing Black Angus beef patties for meat lovers. Delicious vegetarian and vegan options are also on our menu, so that everyone can feel at home. Our fries are hand-cut and served with a special dip nobody can resist.

Why Beastie ?

The name of our brand was inspired by the great 80’s band Beastie Boys. Similarly, our landmark burgers draw its identity from legendary Rock’n Roll artists and covers. If you are a fan of great music and crave burgers you are at the right place at Beastie Burgers, where we prepare our food with great care for quality and offer it at affordable prices.We believe that everyone is entitled to a great burger. If you still have not visited us, please check out what all the fuss is about and let our burgers wake up the beast within you.


Beastie Burgers restaurants are unique get together places where great burgers meet eye-catchy interior. A perfect blend of Rock’n Roll golden-era-themed visuals and contemporary design are universaly atractive. Beastie Burgers is a place of food worship and music celebration, where customers are engaged with all their senses.


A short tale of how beef patties fell in love with the bread bun,
after a long horseback ride.

If you ever wondered how burgers came to be, you are in for a real surprise.
The key responsible for their existence is none other than the notorious Mongolian leader Ghingis Khan. To survive the long ride en route to Europe him and his famous cavalry stored meat underneath their saddles to preserve it throughout their journey. This practice of meat grinding was later picked up by Russians and turned into a well known beef tartar. German harbour city of Hamburg was the place where infamous term hamburger was coined, but it was not untill a trip over the big pond when a true love at first site between a bun and a beef patty was revealed in the city of New York. The Americans embraced the new food trend immediatelly and made it popular world-wide. At Beastie Burgers, however, we used special ingredients, year-long family cooking expertise and loads of passion to perfect this All-American delicacy into a unique and unforgettable dinning experience. We dare to say, USA you made’em popular, but at Beastie burgers we made them addictive!